Analyse: The tittle of the thesis suggests that the life and thought of Arthur Koestler is the central focus of this study. An itinerary that was an integral part of the most profound political and ideological debates of the era, and which thus constitutes one of the most interesting chapters in twentieth century thought. A unique and yet commonplace example of a European intellectual.

It also suggests that a whole generation of European intellectuals are involved. A remarkable group of people whose lives were shaped by the relentless criticism of traditional faith and values, and by the decline of a continent - Europe. Some of the greatest minds of the century are to be found among these poets, writers, philosophers, and revolutionary leaders.

Arthur Koestler was part of this social category. An honest thinker, a versatile person and writer, an intellectual who subscribed not only his pen to the causes in which he believed, but physically set off on the road to build his utopias.

The thesis outlines the world of ideas into which Koestler was born, and traces his ideological commitments. The analysis of his utopias demonstrate the extent to which Koestler was an offspring of the Judeo-German culture of Central Europe in the sense that it invested him with beliefs that could but lead him to the forefront of revolutionary combat.