The project focuses on the restoration and management of the Jalamah, Mirkan and Jawban water supply networks. It is located close to Afrin in northwestern Syria. The work is conducted by the Geo Expertise team, which is composed of Syrian water engineers and technicians, in collaboration with the population. The project provides safe water to over 21’600 persons, 50% are displaced persons, and has led to the creation of seven water user associations. The latter are in charge of the management of the water supply networks in collaborations with local councils. The project paid for operational costs for 3 months in order to demonstrate the viability of the networks and allow water user associations to build up cash flow. The water fee in the study area is set up at 2’000 Syrian pounds per house and per month. It is estimated that 5% of the families will not pay the fee due to their economic situation. Water user associations elect three members who represent the association at the concerned pumping station. Their role in Jawban and Mirkan is furthermore to define the allocation of water per village. The restoration and management of Jalamah, Mirkan and Jawban water supply networks is part of a program “Water for Basic Needs and Social Cohesion” conducted by Geo Expertise in collaboration with the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. It makes use of the data collected by the Orontes River Basin research program led by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. The project was funded by an NGO focusing on social cohesion in Syria.