"The reviewed scholarly literature in development can be situated within two main theoretical lenses. The first one views development mainly in the context of "power" relations (Escobar 1995, 2012; Ferguson 1994; Berman 1982; Murray Li 2007). The second theoretical approach problematizes the argument provided by the first approach, particularly the polarized view of the world and assigns agency to "development actors" in the context of transnational and transcultural processes (Mosse 2005, 2011; Rottenburg 2009; Oliver de Sardan 2005; Rist 1997, 2014). Through conducting multi-sited ethnography in Kyrgyzstan from March 2018-March 2019, I intend to extend "agency" beyond development actors and understand how "development" as an overarching normative horizon for cultural and global integration; inspiring concrete practices is experienced and perceived by people/different actors; how different actors talk/experience and make sense of it in personal, and emotional ways; how it shapes their lives and relationships."