Epidemia of walls in an (un)free world

We currently face a baffling paradox. While since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 a seemingly inexorable process of globalisation has been foreshadowing a peaceful and frontierless world, the number of walls across the world has been rising at a steady pace. Liberal and open societies buttressed by trade, international law and technological progress were supposed to implacably contribute to the erosion of frontiers and walls between nations. However, in a context of surging populist discourses, securitarian anxieties and identitarian politics as well as concomitant flows of migration alimented by climate change, conflict and poverty, nations have recently started to barricade themselves behind new walls.

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In: Global Challenges. - Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. - Issue 4(2018)
A contagious craze for walls / Jean-François Bayart ; The "Great Wall" of America: historical opportunities / Samuel Segura Cobos ; Between Security and Apartheid: cinematic representations of the West Bank Wall / Riccardo Bocco ; Battle of identities at the India-Bangladesh border / Anuradha Sen Mookerjee ; Turkey and the Middle-East: from imperial temptation to national closure / Özcan Yilmaz ; Combating terrorism on the Somalian border: the improbable Kenyan dream? / Marc Galvin ; Korea: comfortable wall, uncomfortable peace / Emilia S. Heo

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