The objective of this research is to map, describe and analyze the spaces and networks of knowledge production on the Amazon Rainforest, taking into account the situation of rapid social, environmental and climate changes that is going on throughout this region. More specifically, this research focuses on the production of knowledge about environmental and climate cyclical processes at the local level, and how they interact and / or are triggered by wider or global systemic movements, always in comparative terms and in relation to politics and policy-making. In other words, it seeks to investigate and understand how, to what extent and by what logic and mechanisms, local and supra-local knowledge practices and processes are connected; at stake here is how such relationships are established in different spaces of knowledge. My purpose is to focus on the production of indigenous knowledge, scientific knowledge and intercultural knowledge; and on how these different forms of knowledge are defined, with particular attention towards their interfaces, spaces and projects of joint production including political developments, starting from the premise that knowledge practices and political practices are closely related. This research also focuses on the relationships that indigenous peoples have with different political instances and entities of national societies, in the development of environmental and climate governance in the Amazon region. In this sense, the focus lies on the production of different perspectives - both indigenous and non-indigenous - in relation to the Amazon rainforest; and how these perspectives interact in the production of knowledge about ecosystemic and climate cyclical processes."