This Thesis aims to address the difficulties in respect of rule development in the WTO. THrough this research, I hope to develop an approach that can identify the equilibrium between the regulatory power of the WTO covered agreements and the interest of WTO Members as can be identified through their conducts. I hope that through this approach, we can develop a tool that will provide guidance in respect of rule development within the WTO, where we can provide the following: (1)It may provide insight on the specific reason for the undermining of certain provisions or the failure for negotiating a hard rule in respect of certain issues. (2)It may address what kind of approach may be preferable to address a specific issue, be it hard law, informal approaches or special alternative procedures, thus point to possible strategies in rule-making. (3)It may identify the supportive context where the WTO, which has been mainly a rule-oriented system until this point, may successfully transform and adapt a more flexible, dynamic and adaptive rules."