New facts of international trade and firm location with firm heterogeneity

The primary purpose of this thesis is to analyze the implications of trade openness or production concentration on firms' performance in a heterogeneous firm framework
Chapter 1 explores the multi-country effects of a varied liberalization exercise on firm productivity. The logic of productivity effects suggests that one nation's trade policy can influence the productivity of firms in other countries
Chapter 2 tests one implication of Melitz (2003) using data on French and Chilean manufacturing firms. Results show that firms that switched from non-exporting to exporting under trade liberalization could be of any size. Therefore they are not concentrated in the middle-size range
Chapter 3 analyzes the effects of local externalities on the probability of starting a new economic activity using firm-level data and geographic information on French zip-codes for 1993-2002. The results show that agglomeration economies at zip-code level strongly influence the location decision of firms

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Geneva, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, 2009
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103 p.
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Directeur de th├Ęse: Professeur Richard Baldwin
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