I. Understanding gender, health and globalization: opportunities and challenges. - II. Philosophy and religion: do activists for women's health need them?. - III. The pathways between trade liberalization and reproductive health: a review of the literature and some propositions for research and action. - In perspective : 1. Globalization, trade liberalization and women's health: a Nepalese perspective. - 2. Gender, health and globalization: an international NGO perspective. - IV. Globalization, health and the engendering of resistance in everyday life. - In perspective : 1. Gender, health and globalization in the Middle East: male infertility, ICSI and men's resistance. - 2. Globalization gendered resistance: moving beyond the individual. - V. Women, health and globalization: a critical social movement perspective. - In perspective: 1. Gendered curse for global health initiatives in Africa. - 2. Globalization, gender and health: a perspective on Latin American sexual and reproductive health. - VI: A comfortable home: globalization and changing gender roles in the fight against HIV/AIDS. - In perspective : 1. Tanzania living with HIV/AIDS. - 2. Two sides to home: cross-border sexualities. - VII: Opening a global gold mine: globalization, gender and transnational tobacco companies. - In perspective : 1. Women's health under fire: does it need to go up in smoke?.- 2. Globalization, gender and the pandemic of disease in women caused by tobacco. VIII. The case for women's health research in the United States: grassroots efforts, legislative changes, and scientific development. - In perspective: 1. Gender in public health research and policies in Germany and Europe