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1. The dynamics of wakon yōsai (Japanese spirit, Western technology): the paradoxes and challenges of financial policy in an industrializing Japan, 1854-1939
Bytheway, Simon James ; Schiltz, Michael
In : People, place, and power. - Perth, W.A. : Black Swan Press, 2009. - P. 57-79
2. Was ist moderne macht: reflexivität, paradox und risikoverwaltung im medium der politischen kommunikation
De Giorgi, Raffaele ; Schiltz, Michael
In : Die andere Seite des Wirtschaftsrechts : Steuerung in den Diktaturen des 20. Jahrhunderts. - Frankfurt am Main : V. Klostermann, 2006. - P. 383-403
3. Breaking boundaries: on translation and the concept of society
Schiltz, Michael
In : Dodonaeus in Japan : translation and the scientific mind in the Tokugawa Period. - Leuven : Leuven University Press, 2001. - P. [99]-120
4. The Bank of Japan and the National Bank of Belgium
Schiltz, Michael
In : Japan & Belgium : four centuries of exchange . - Aichi, Japan : Commissioners-General of the Belgian Government at the Universal Exposition, 2005. - P. 121-132
5. Open access to knowledge in world society?
Schiltz, Michael ; Verschraegen, Gert ; Magnolo, Stefano
In: Soziale Systeme. - Stuttgart. - 11(2005), Heft 2, p. 346-369
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6. Knowledge as a global public good: the role and importance of open access
Verschraegen, Gert ; Schiltz, Michael
In: Societies Without Borders. - Vol. 2(2007), issue 2, p. 157-174
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7. Form and medium: a mathematical reconstruction
Schiltz, Michael
In: Image [&] narrative. - Vol. 3(2003), Issue 2(6), 13 p.
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8. Debating sovereign bankruptcy: postrevolutionary Mexico, 1919-1931
Schiltz, Michael
In: Financial history review. - Cambridge. - Vol. 13(2006), part 2, p. 197-215
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9. Space is the place: the laws of form and social system
Schiltz, Michael
In: Emergence and embodiment : new essays on second-order systems theory. - Durham : Duke University Press, c2009. - P. 157-178
10. Money on the road to empire: Japan's adoption of gold monometallism, 1873-97
Schiltz, Michael
In: Economic history review. - London. - Vol. 65, no. 3(2012), p. 1147-1168
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11. 2nd order cybernetics and "comprehensive security": contributions form contemporary systems theory
Schiltz, Michael
In: Comprehensive security in Asia : views from Asia and the West on a changing security environment. - Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2000. - P. 240-269
12. Cutting the trees of knowledge: social software, information architecture and their epistemic consequences
Schiltz, Michael ; Truyen, Frederik ; Coppens, Hans
In: Thesis Eleven. - London. - No. 89(2007), p. 94–114
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13. Space is the place: the laws of form and social systems
Schiltz, Michael
In: Thesis Eleven. - London. - No. 88(2007), p. 8–30
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