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1. Nongovernmental organizations
O'Malley, Jeffrey ; Nguyen, Vinh-Kim ; Lee, Sarah
In : AIDS in the world II : global dimensions, social roots, and responses : the global AIDS policy coalition. - New York [etc.] : Oxford University Press, 1996. - P. 341-361
2. Beyond "vulnerable groups": contexts and dynamics of vulnerability
Zarowsky, Christina ; Haddad, Slim ; Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In: Global Health Promotion 20, suppl. 1(2013), p 3-9
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3. Therapeutic modernism: medical pluralism, local biologies, and HIV in Côte d'Ivoire
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In : Troubling natural categories : engaging the medical anthropology of Margaret Lock. - Montréal : McGill-Queen's University Press, 2013. - P. 34-56.
4. Emerging infectious diseases
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In : Encyclopedia of medical anthropology : health and illness in the world's cultures. - [New York ] : Springer, 2004. - P. 383-391
5. Gender-related factors influencing HIV serostatus disclosure in patients receiving HAART in West Africa
Ndiaye, Cathy (collab.) ; Nguyen, Vinh-Kim (collab.)
In : World health and population. - Toronto. - Vol. 10, no. 3(2008), p. 24-35
6. Viropolitics: how HIV produces therapeutic globalization
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In : HIV/AIDS : global frontiers in prevention/intervention . - London : Routledge, 2009. - P. 539-550
7. Global and local perspectives on population health
Lock, Margaret M ; Zarowsky, Christina ; Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In : Healthier societies : from analysis to action. - Oxford [u.a.] : Oxford Univ. Press, 2006. - P. 58-82
8. Government-by-exception: enrolment and experimentality in mass HIV treatment programmes in Africa
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In : Social theory and health. - Basingstoke. - Vol. 7, no.(2009), p. 196-217
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9. Treating to prevent HIV: population trials and experimental societies
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In : Para-states and medical science : making African global health. - Durham : Duke University Press, 2015. - P. [47]-77
10. Anthropology and global health
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In : The Ashgate research companion to the globalization of health. - Farnham, Surrey ; Burlington, VT : Ashgate, 2012. - P. [79]-96
11. Trial communities: HIV and therapeutic citizenship in West Africa
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In : Evidence, ethos and experiment : the anthropology and history of medical research in Africa. - New York : Berghahn Books, 2011. - P. 429-444
12. Therapeutic evangelism – confessional technologies, antiretrovirals and biospiritual transformation in the fight against AIDS in West Africa
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In : Aids and religious practice in Africa. - Leiden : Brill, 2009. - P. [359]-378
13. Epidemics, interzones, and biosocial change: retroviruses and biologies of globalization in West Africa
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In : Entangled histories and negotiated universals : centers and peripheries in a changing world. - Frankfurt ; New York : Campus, 2003. - P. [183]-210
14. Uses and pleasures: sexual modenity, HIV/AIDS, and confessional technologies in a West African metropolis
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In : Sex in development : science, sexuality, and morality in global perspective. - Durham [etc.] : Duke University Press, 2005. - P [245]-267
15. Ties that might heal: testimonials, solidarity, and antiretrovirals in West Africa
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In : Unraveling ties : from social cohesion to new practices of connectedness. - Frankfurt : Campus, 2002. - P. 117-146
16. Antiretroviral globalism, biopolitics, and the therapeutic citizenship
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In : Global assemblages : technology, politics, and ethics as anthropological problems. - Malden [etc.] : Blackwell Publ., 2005. - P. [124]-144
17. D’une industrie… l’autre ?
Musso, Sandrine ; Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In: Genre, sexualité and société 9 (2013), p 2-8
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18. Revisiting local biology in the era of global health: introduction
Brotherton, Pierre Sean ; Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In: Medical Anthropology 32, no 4(2013), p 287-290
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19. Remedicalizing an epidemic: from HIV treatment as prevention to HIV treatment is prevention: opinion
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In: AIDS 25, no 3(2011), 291-293
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20. Inadequate adherence to antiretroviral treatment and prevention in hospital and community sites in Burkina Faso and Mali: a study by the ATARAO group
Ag Aboubacrine, Souleymane (collab.) ; Nguyen, Vinh-Kim (collab.)
In : International journal of STD & AIDS. - London. - Vol. 18, no. 11(2007), p. 741-747
21. Commentary on failure in HIV research
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In: Anthropology & Medicine 22, no 3(2015), p 326-328
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22. Counselling against HIV in Africa: a genealogy of confessional technologies
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In: Culture, Health and Sexuality 15, suppl. 4(2013), p [S440]-S452
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23. A new approach to encourage HIV testing in high-risk populations at the Clinique l'actuel
Thomas, R (collab.) ; Nguyen, Vinh-Kim (collab.)
In: Sexually Transmitted Infections 87, suppl. 1(2011)
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24. Evaluability assessment of an immunization improvement strategy in rural Burkina Faso: intervention theory versus reality, information need and evaluations
Sanou, Aboubakary (collab.) ; Nguyen, Vinh-Kim (collab.)
In: Evaluation and Program Planning 34, no 3(2011), p 303-315
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25. Reliability of anthropometric measures in a longitudinal cohort of patients initiating ART in West Africa
Sicotte, Maryline (collab.) ; Nguyen, Vinh-Kim (collab.)
In: BMC Medical Research Methodology 10, no 1(2010), p 1-9
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26. Socio-demographic correlates of late treatment initiation in a cohort of patients starting antiretroviral treatment in Mali, West Africa
Pirkle, C.M. (collab.) ; Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In: AIDS Care 23, no 11(2011), p [1425]-1429
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27. Impact of a modified directly administered antiretroviral treatment intervention on virological outcome in HIV-infected patients treated in Burkina Faso and Mali
Pirkle, C.M. (collab.) ; Nguyen, Vinh-Kim (collab.)
In: HIV Medicine 10, no 3(2009), p 152-156
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28. Characterization of drug resistance in antiretroviral-treated patients infected with HIV-1 CRF02_AG and AGK subtypes in Mali and Burkina FasoSylla, Mohamed
Sylla, Mohamed (collab.) ; Nguyen, Vinh-Kim (collab.)
In: Antiviral Therapy 13, no 1(2008), p 141-148
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29. Adherence as therapeutic citizenship: impact of the history of access to antiretroviral drugs on adherence to treatment
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim (collab.)
In: AIDS 21, suppl. 5(2007), S31-S35
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30. Attivismo, farmaci antiretrovirali e riplasmazione del sé come forme di cittadinanza biopolitica
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In: Antropologia 6,no 8(2006), p 71-92
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31. Antiretroviral use in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim (collab.)
In: AIDS 17, Suppl.(2003), p S109-111
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32. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)– specific effector CD8 T cell activity in patients with primary HIV infection
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim (collab.) ; Alter, Galit (collab.)
In: Journal of infectious diseases 185, no 6(2002), p 755-765
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33. Sida, ONG et la politique du témoignage en Afrique de l'Ouest
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In: Anthropologie et sociétés, no. 1, vol. 26, 2002, p. 69-87
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34. Anthropology, inequality, and disease: a review
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim ; Peschard, Karine
In: Annual review of anthropology. - Palo Alto. - 2003, vol. 32, p. 447-474
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35. La médecine du tri: histoire, éthique, anthropologie
Lachenal, Guillaume (dir.) ; Nguyen, Vinh-Kim (dir.)
Paris : Presses universitaires de France, 2014
Les cahiers du Centre Georges-Canguilhem ; n° 6
36. The republic of therapy: triage and sovereignty in West Africa's time of AIDS
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
Durham, NC : Duke University Press, 2010
Body, commodity, text
37. An anthropology of biomedicine
Lock, Margaret ; Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
Chichester, West Sussex : Wiley-Blackwell, 2010
38. Governing health systems in Africa
Sama, Martyn (ed.) ; Nguyen, Vinh-Kim (ed.)
Dakar : CODESRIA, 2008
Codesria book series
39. The fourth wave: violence, gender, culture & HIV in the 21st century
Klot, Jennifer F. (ed.) ; Nguyen, Vinh-Kim (ed.)
Paris : UNESCO, 2011
UNESCO gender equality series

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