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11. Data bases and statistical systems: health
Kickbusch, Ilona ; Stein, Claudia
In: International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences: - Oxford : Elsevier, 2015. - P. 781-788
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12. Health in the post-2015 agenda: perspectives midway through
Kickbusch, Ilona ; Buss, Paulo M.
In: Cadernos De Saude Publica 30, no 10(2015), p 2035-2036
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13. The World Trade Organization and the future of multilateralism
Baldwin, Richard E
Geneva : The Graduate Institute ; Centre for trade and economic integration, 2015
CTEI Working Paper ; 2015-09
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14. Homo cooperans: lessons from anthropology
Schulte-Tenckhoff, Isabelle
In : Customizing a patchwork quilt : consolidating co-operative studies within the university world : in memoriam professor Ian MacPherson. - Seinäjoki : University of Helsinski Ruralia Institute, 2015. - P. 27-33
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15. European legal doctrines on intervention and the status of the Ottoman Empire within the "family of nations" throughout the nineteeth century
Rodogno, Davide
In : Journal of the history of international law. - Leiden. - Vol. 18, no. 1(2016), p. 5-41
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16. Framing the 'public morals' exception after EC - seal products with insights from the ECTHR and the GATT National Security exception
Möllenhoff, Julia
Geneva : The Graduate Institute ; Centre for trade and economic integration, 2015
CTEI Working Paper ; 2015-07
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17. Measures with multiple policy objectives and article 2.1 TBT agreement: A GATT-like balance, or a likely conflict, after EC – seal products?
Marín Durán, Gracia
Geneva : The Graduate Institute ; Centre for trade and economic integration, 2015
CTEI Working Paper ; 2015-06
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18. Resistance to the regulation of common water: resources in rural Tunisia
Liu, Xiaoying ; Sarr, Mare ; Swanson, Timothy M
In: Land Economics 91, no 3(2015), p 435-459
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19. The quest to lower high remittance costs to Africa: a brief review of the use of mobile banking and bitcoins
Maloumby-Baka, Ralph C. ; Kingombe, Christian K.M.
Geneva : The Graduate Institute ; Centre for Finance and Development, 2016
CFD working paper ; no. 10/2015
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20. Fire-sale FDI or business as usual?
Alquist, Ron ; Mukherjee, Rahul ; Tesar, Linda
In: Journal of International Economics 98, no 1(2016), p 93-113
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21. Accelerating achievement of the sustainable development goals: a game-changer in global health
Jha, Ashish ; Kickbusch, Ilona ... [et al.]
In: British Medical Journal 352 (2016), p 1-2
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22. Climate-ready seeds and patent rights: a question of climate (in) justice?
Saab, Anne
In: Global Jurist 15, no 2(2015), p 219-235
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23. Options for trade, finance and development: getting the institutions right
Arcand, Jean-Louis L
Geneva : International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) ; World Economic Forum, 2016
Policy options paper
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24. Oil price pass-through into inflation: the evidence from oil exporting countries
Karimli, Tural ... [et al.]
Geneva : The Graduate Institute, 2016
Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Working Paper ; no. 1/2016
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25. Thinking about the performance of the World Trade Organization: a discussion across disciplines
Elsig, Manfred ; Hoekmann, Bernard M. ; Pauwelyn, Joost
San Domenico di Fiesole : European University Institute. Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, 2016
EUI working paper RSCAS 2016/13
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26. Increasing trust in the bank to enhance savings: experimental evidence from India
Mehrotra, Rahul ; Somville, Vincent ; Vandewalle, Lore
Bergen : Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI), 2016
CMI working paper ; no. 1
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27. La gran depresión de la economía peruana: ¿una tormenta perfecta?
Llosa, Luis Gonzalo ; Panizza, Ugo
In: Revista Estudios Económicos 30(2015), p 91-117
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28. Policy debate: humanitarian protection in the midst of Civil War: lessons from Sri Lanka
Niland, Norah ; Holmes, John ; Bradley, Miriam
In: International development policy 5.2(2014), p 129-154
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29. The Anthropocene is functionally and stratigraphically distinct from the Holocene
Waters, Colin N ; Grinevald, Jacques ... [et al.]
In : Science 351, no 6269(2016), p 137-[147]
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30. Media manipulation in interwar France: evidence from the archive of Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas, 1914–1937
Flandreau, Marc ; Zumer, Frédéric
In: Contemporary European History 25, no 1(2016), p 11-36
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31. Multilevel embeddedness: the case of the global fisheries governance complex
Hollway, James ; Koskinen, Johan
In: Social Networks 44(2016), p. 281-294
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32. L'interprétation téléologique des traités comme moyen de prise en compte des valeurs et intérêts environnementaux
Zarbiev, Fouad
In : La circulation des concepts juridiques : le droit international de l'environnement entre mondialisation et fragmentation. - Paris : Société de législation comparée, 2009. - P. 199-242
33. The role of personal relationships in peacebuilding interventions
Hug, Vincent
Geneva : Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, 2016
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34. The effect of religious restrictions on forced migration
Kolbe, Melanie ; Henne, Peter S.
In : Politics and religion. - New York. - Vol. 7, no. 4(2014), p. 665-683
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35. Sida, ONG et la politique du témoignage en Afrique de l'Ouest
Nguyen, Vinh-Kim
In: Anthropologie et sociétés, no. 1, vol. 26, 2002, p. 69-87
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36. A new target for international social reform: the International Labour Organization and working and living conditions in agriculture in the inter-war years
Ribi Forclaz, Amalia
In : Contemporary European history. - Cambridge. - Vol. 20(2011), no. 3, p. [307]-329
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37. Transnational co-operation in food, agriculture, environment and health in historical perspective: introduction
Knab, Cornelia ; Ribi Forclaz, Amalia
In : Contemporary European history. - Cambridge. - Vol. 20(2011), no. 3, p. [247]-255
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38. The eroticism of debt: pearl divers, traders, and sea wives in the Aru Islands, eastern Indonesia
Spyer, Patricia
In: American ethnologist. - Arlington. - 1997, vol. 24, p. 515-538
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39. Réglementer la résolution des litiges en ligne en Suisse: défis et enseignements de la pratique
Werra, Jacques de ; Schultz, Thomas
In : Informatica e diritto. - Napoli. - 2007, fasc. 1/2, p. 431-475
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40. Some critical comments on the juridicity of lex mercatoria
Schultz, Thomas
In : Yearbook of private international law. - Munich. - Vol. 10(2008), p. 667-710
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41. Private legal systems: what cyberspace might teach legal theorists
Schultz, Thomas
In: Yale journal of law & technology. - New Haven, Conn. - Vol. 10(2007/2008), Fall issue, p. 151-193
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42. Carving up the Internet: jurisdiction, legal orders, and the private/public international law interface
Schultz, Thomas
In : European journal of international law. - Oxford. - Vol. 19(2008), no. 4, p. 799-839
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43. Sovereignty in trust: territorial sovereignty at the crossroads of international environmental law
Langer, Magnus Jesko
Geneva : Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, 2016
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44. International humanitarian law, non-State armed groups and the International Committee of the Red Cross in Colombia
Bradley, Miriam
In: Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies 4(2013), p 108-134
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45. Transnational histories and subcontinental pasts: a review essay
Balachandran, G
In : The Indian economic and social history review. - New Delhi. - Vol. 52, no. 4(2015), p. [533]-545
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46. La microfinance rurale et agricole dans un contexte de financiarisation globalisée
Servet, Jean-Michel
In : Exclusion et liens financiers : microfinance pour l'agriculture des pays du Sud : rapport 2008-2009 réalisé à l'initiative de, et publié par, la Fondation FARM. - Paris : Economica, 2009. - P. 35-51
47. Does community-driven development improve inclusiveness in peasant organizations?: evidence from Senegal
Arcand, Jean-Louis L ; Wagner, Natascha
In : World development. - Oxford. - Vol. 78(2016), p. [105]-124
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48. Faire et défaire des affaires en famille
Droz, Yvan (dir.) ; Jacques-Jouvenot, Dominique (.dir)
[Besançon] : Presses universitaires de Franche-Comté, 2015
Cahiers de la MSHE Ledoux ; no 21.
49. Peacebuilding: a review of the academic literature
Chetail, Vincent ; Jütersonke, Oliver C
Geneva : Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, [2015]
Geneva Peacebuilding Platform white paper series ; no. 13
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50. Libéralisation économique et crise politique en Côte d'Ivoire: entretien avec Bruno Losch
Losch, Bruno ; Bayart, Jean-François ; Hibou, Béatrice
In: Critique internationale, no. 19, 2003, p. 48-60
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51. L'Europe et la laïcité contre la démocratie en Turquie
Bayart, Jean-François
In: Critique internationale, no. 1, 1998, p. 15-22
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52. Commentary: towards a new start for Africa and Europe
Bayart, Jean-François
In: African affairs, no. 412, vol. 103, 2004, p. 453-464
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53. L'Afrique du sud à la veille d'une consultation décisive
Bayart, Jean-François ; Ellis, Stephen ; Hibou, Béatrice
In: Politique africaine, no. 73, 1999, p. 137-145
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54. What explains Germany’s new role in global health?: Chancellor Merkel is central but political commitment goes deeper : Editorial
Kickbusch, Ilona
In: British Medical Journal 351, no 8039(2015), p 1-2
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55. Geostrategic stakes and the impact of the conflict in the Orontes River basin
Assad, Ahmed Haj ; Jaubert, Ronald
In: Confluences Méditerranée 89(2014), p 173-184
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56. Braving the waves: the role of time and risk preferences in illegal migration from Senegal
Arcand, Jean-Louis L ; Mbaye, Linguère Mously
Clermont Ferrand : Centre d'études et de recherches sur le développement international (CERDI), 2013
Etudes et documents du CERDI ; no. 2013.16
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57. Politics of the urban poor: aesthetics,ethics, volatility, precarity: an introduction to supplement 11
Das, Veena ; Randeria, Shalini
In: Current Anthropology 56, supplement 11(2015), p S3-S14
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58. Three essays on trade and the environment
Xu, Ankai
Geneva : Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, 2015
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59. State "orchestration" in transnational new governance: what roles do governments play ?
Jerbi, Scott
Geneva : Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, 2015
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60. Le religieux au coeur du débat identitaire européen: la controverse sur les racines chrétiennes de l'Europe (2002-2005)
Licker, Grégory
Genève : Institut de hautes études internationales et du développement, 2015
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