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11. Constructing the Peace from the Warriors UP: An Analysis of Power Practices and Subject Formation in Colombian Reintegration
Schöb, Mia
12. The Enemy of my Enemy - Triadic Conflict Dynamics in Multi-Actor Civil Wars
Schink, Korbinian
13. "Learning through the Body: Habitus, Community and Globalisation in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Schapira, Raphael
14. Repenser la sécurisation à la lumière du thème migratoire en Suisse
Santos Rodriguez, Victor
15. The Treatment of Evidence in WTO Litigation
Sanchez Miranda, Manuel
16. The Place of Individual Rights Within the International Legal Order: A theory of Third Party Rights
Rodríguez Martin, Patricia
17. ""Modern" Alchemy and the Quest for Anti-aging Science
Riggs, Lauren
18. Unsustainable Global Consumption and International Law: Tackling Demand-Driven Environmental Harm
Reimers, Lucy Lu
19. The Logic of Restraint: Understanding De-escalation of Violence in Civil War
Reichhold, Urban
20. The Responsibility of Frontex in International Law
Raimondo, Giulia
21. Essays in Financial Integration and Macroeconomic Stability
Raabe, Frank-Alexander
22. Peace in International Law
Punchoo, Roshni Nikita
23. State-Criminal Nexus in Violent Cities
Pfeifer Cruz, Claudia
24. "Tracing the Life Cycle of a Stem Cell: Banking, Disease & Cord blood Narratives
Panwar, Amishi
25. Economics of Conflict
Monnet, Nathalie
26. Secession in Contemporary International Law with a Special Reference to the Post-Soviet Space
Miklasová, Júlia
27. "South-led Multilateral Institution-Building: The Case of the BRICS-led "New Development Bank"
Meylan, John
28. La délimitation maritime entre Etats dont les côtes sont adjacentes
Messihi, Najib
29. L'assurance des bâtiments contre l'incendie à Genève : Du monopole cantonal au libéralisme assurantiel (1821 - 1864)
Legentilhomme, Geoffroy
30. The Principle of Human Dignity in International Law
Le Moli, Ginevra
31. Translocal Women's Human Rights Advocacy Between Nariño and Geneva. An Ethnographical Approach
Lazala Silva Hernandez, Yira Carmiña
32. The Future of International Criminal Justice is Domestic: Or is It? Assessing the Impact of International Criminal Tribunals on the Fight against Impunity in Domestic Judicial Systems
Labuda, Patryk
33. Reconstructing jus cogens without the State - Peremptory Norms in Postnational International Society
Kleine, Konstantin
34. "Perceptions of Immigration and Varieties of Inequalities: Risk Exposure, Social Protection, and Structural Inequality Dynamics
Kayran, Elif Naz
35. "A European Political-Economic Space That Embraced Japan: The International Context of the Conventional Tariff Network, ca. 1892-1914
Kawashima, Toshiki
36. "Economics of Social Ties, Migration and Development
Kan, Yanming
37. Process of Rebel Groups Consolidation: An Empirical Comparative Study on the Syrian and Libyan Civil Wars.
Ibrahim, Abdulla
38. Essays in Exchange Rate Regimes
Hari Kumar, Shekhar
39. The Prisoners Redemption: A Field Experiment on Charitable Contribution by Chinese Prison Inmates
Guo, Shiqi
40. "Meat in Tel Aviv and Jaffa under the British Mandate. Cultures, Commerce, Consumption and Politics in a Historical Perspective
Gilad, Efrat
41. Essays on Economic Integration: Deriving Value from Value Chains (Interim Check-in)
Freeman, Rebecca
42. Law Governing Human Rights Backlash: Rising Above State Voluntarism?
Dragic, Sanja
43. From the RDF to the Goldwater-Nichols Act: The Rise of Conservative Internationalism (1977-1986)
Dorion-Soulié, Manuel
44. The Enforcement of International Law in the Governance of Marine Biodiversity on the High Seas
Do, Viet Cuong
45. Shining Light on Growth Statistics: For What is Nighttime Light Really a Proxy?
Dickinson, Jeffrey
46. Essays on Uncertainty and Economy
Deopa, Neha
47. Development as Equality of Opportunity: Measuring Inequality of Opportunity in China
Dai, Xinchen
48. Conception of Sovereignty in the Evolving International Context
Cosar Demirkol, Eda
49. Reshaping the Trade and Environment Debate: Achieving International Integration through Institutional Cooperation
Cima, Elena
50. "Income, Consumption and Time Preference
Chen, Kailin
51. Lobbying beyond interests in the EU Climate Change and Energy Policy-Making Process: An Explanation of Coalitions' Formation through Multilevel Network Dynamics
Baiamonte, Valentina
52. Doing Justice in Palestine/Israel
Avis, Maya
53. From human numbers to human rights and back:Demographic security and women's rights in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Armitage, Alanna
54. "UN Multilateral Sanctions, Peacemaking and Peacebuilding
Alves Dos Reis, Andre
55. The Obligations of Legal Entities under International Humanitarian Law
Shea, Benjamin Edward
56. The Principle of Equality of the Parties in Non-international Armed Conflicts
Semertzi, Aliki
57. Impact of Financial Development on Environmental Technologies
Saxena, Kritika
58. Modernizing Rural Landscape, Age-old Agriculture: Livelihood Diversification Strategies in Jatiluwih Village, Bali
Sary, Allegra Ann
59. Resistance and Movement in Peru's "People of the Land""
Rojas Navarro, Guliver Aladin
60. State Responsibility for Climate Change Displacement: Accommodating Persons Displaced Across Borders by Climate Change based upon States' Contributions to Climate Change
Roberts, Jade Anne

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